Monday, November 16, 2015

New Star Tours Sequence on "Jakku" and Hyperspace Mountain Videos - Updated with FULL New Star tours Sequence Video

The new Star Tours sequence on Jakku was not supposed to be added before December 1 but apparently it's already playing at Disney's Hollywood Studios. And who says "playing" says" fan videos" even if it was forbidden to film - but you know how fans can be transgressive...
We now have a video of the full new sequence, so no need to say that it is full of spoilers...
WDWNT has also posted a brief synopsis of the new sequence which include a holographic transmission with BB8...

"So, the new sequence takes place after the opening sequence (featuring either Darth Vader or the scanner droid looking for the rebel spy), in the space usually occupied by Hoth, Kashyyk, or Tatooine. You fly into Jakku and immediately the Millennium Falcon is in front of you. Finn appears on the side screen to deliver the classic “Star Tours? What are you doing here?” line. A chase ensues with First Order TIE Fighters, ending with the Falcon pulling an insane maneuver to take out a TIE Fighter. You then crash into some wreckage and the ship stops for a moment. At this point, scavengers from Jakku begin to try and rip the ship apart for spare parts to sell. R2-D2 zaps them away and the Starspeeder 1000 takes off and leaves the planet. The new sequence is followed by a new holographic transmission sequence featuring BB-8. BB-8 and R2-D2 sort of conspire against C-3P0 to continue the mission and protect the Rebel spy. After that, the ride travels to one of the randomized finale planets."

There is more about Star Wars as, at Disneyland Anaheim, the Season of the Force has started with  the star Wars Launch Bay in the former Innoventions building and Hyperspace Mountain. And let me tell you that this "Star Wars" version of Space Mountain is pretty awesome, as you'll see on this low light video posted by Attractions Magazine!

Videos: copyright Attractions Magazine, Attraction Faction

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