Monday, April 4, 2011

Tokyo Disneyland Star Tours

Here is a Randie Soul pictorial report of Tokyo Disneyland. We will have a look to TDL Tomorrowland, and more precisely Star Tours. All pictures are in hyper high-res and almost all of them would make great wallpaper for your computer. As always, double-click on each to enjoy them in big size!

Below, the entrance of Tomorrowland...

...with Space Mountain in the background.

Around the Star Tours entrance...

TDL Star Tours pre-show is probably the biggest of all.

What is great at TDL is the park's maintenance. The attraction looks as new as it was on opening day.

And what a great lighting!

Finally, the hall when you exit the Star Speeders.

All photos: copyright Randie Soul, whom I thanks a lot!

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