Monday, October 19, 2015

Star Wars : The Force Awakens Full Trailer!

And here it is, the awaited Star Wars trailer now on line in all the galaxy! The picture below is from the new poster, and if you look well on the right you'll notice a kind of new Death Star... Apparently this is our first look at Starkiller Base, which has an official description at with some intriguing information:
"An ice planet converted into a stronghold of the First Order and armed with a fiercely destructive new weapon capable of destroying entire star systems." 

So the First Order literally transformed an entire planet and converted it into the most destructive weapon we've ever seen in the Star Wars universe. And the Starkiller Base probably also serve as a dock for The First Order's Star Destroyers and other ships from their fleet. As this weapon was converted out of a planet, there's no thermal venting port for anyone to shoot anything into to destroy it. The weapon can vent heat naturally through the surface of the planet...

Anyway, enough talk, here is the first Star Wars : The Force Awakens full trailer!

So, you've watched the new trailer and you've seen that Han Solo / Harrisson Ford, Princess Leia / Carrie Fischer appear in it but not Luke Skywalker who remain invisible, right? Well, not really. Luke IS in the trailer. And in what scene, you ask? In the one below, when we see a robotic hand from a man we don't see the face touching R2D2. I bet you it's Luke who, i remind you, had his hand cut by his father / Darth Vador at the end of The Empire Strikes Back, and since has a robotic hand. Watch the trailer again to double check if you wish!

Pictures and video: copyright Lucasfilm

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