Saturday, May 21, 2011

Star Tours 2 Queue Decor and Pre Show Videos

Here is a selection of videos showing the Star Tours 2 queue and pre-show decor, audio-animatronics and movies. Warning: like most of the ST2 videos there is plenty of spoilers! That said, let's begin by two videos showing some of the "Star Tours promo" movies that guests can see on the big HD screen located in the Starspeeder room. The first one below is the Naboo Destination promo video, the second is the one about Tatooine.

Inside the Magic also did a great video showing the queue decor, animatronics droids, and the full pre-show video - the one you see just before getting inside your Starspeeder.

Don't forget to go to Inside the Magic to see more of their reports on Star Tours 2!

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