Friday, September 12, 2014

Star Tours Update Coming at Disneyland Paris for DLP 25th Anniversary in 2017 ?

A Forbes article titled "Disney Planning New Star Wars Attraction For Paris Park" seems to confirm that Disneyland Paris is planning to celebrate its 25th anniversary in 2017 "by making major investments including the installation of a new attraction themed to the Star Wars movie series.

So far it seems that it's still not about a Star Wars land for Discoveryland but the update of Star Tours which is now more than 20 years old at DLP.

“We are looking at updating Star Tours at the moment,” says Bj√∂rn Heerwagen, show design and production manager for Euro Disney’s design division which is known as Imagineering “We are looking at rehabilitations of the first gate. It’s been there for 20 years. We want to do some special stuff for the 25th anniversary as well.”

It follows Disney chief executive Bob Iger saying last month that “when we grow ‘Star Wars” presence, which we will do significantly, you will see better bets being made that will pay off for us than were made in the past.”

So, it seems that we can count on the Star Tours Update for 2017 and DLP 25th Anniversary!

Picture: copyright Disney

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