Monday, April 29, 2013

Star Tours 2 Opens at Tokyo Disneyland - Full Video Report !

Last week was HKDL Mystic Manor's week and this week will be probably the one of Star Tours 2 which will have its official opening at TDL early May. But the attraction is now already in soft opening at TDL Tomorrowland and thanks to two TDL fans - Fran├žois Couperin and vinylmatiOn - who posted videos on Youtube you'll be able to have a full look at this new Tokyo Disneyland version.

The ride movies are obviously the same but as we will see it seems that TDL had a special treatment and got some new pre-show movies and a new"hitchhiking droids" scene too. There we go for a complete tour and we begin by a video of the entrance concourse.

The next videos show the pre-show room with C3PO , R2D2 and the Starspeeder.

Always in the same room, the pre-show movie, and this one looks the same than in the U.S versions.

However,  it seems that they've introduced a new segment with the storm troopers calling to join the empire. In the video below it starts at 1.30 min and, as i unfortunately didn't did the ride in U.S theme parks, please let me know if this storm trooper part already exist in the DL and WDW versions or not, thanks.

Others pre-show movies are showing the spaceport and different destination planets. The two first videos below probably exist in the U.S versions but i wouldn't be surprised if the others below showing different planets with animated movies would be exclusive to TDL . And the animation style looks specially for japanese too. Thanks, too, to let me know if these are TDL exclusive or not.

Let's have a look now to the droids all along the pre-show and the first one is the droid of the security area, the one scanning luggages. In the video below you have the full sequence in "real time" with the different luggages.

Another droid this one apparently checking the guests.

Hitchhiker robots! Now the Hitchhiker ghosts of the Haunted Mansion are not the only ones! And these droids seems to be a TDL exclusive too...

The Droid customs and chinese shadow scenes.

A video of the thermic image security process.

It's time to embark in a Starspeeder and apparently TDL Star Tours boarding area has now a different lighting with new colors...

The video before boarding in the Starspeeder looks the same than in the U.S.

We'll end the tour with this travelling showing Star Tours 2 exit after the ride.

Thanks a lot to Fran├žois Couperin and vinylmatiOn for all their videos!

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