Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Star Tours 2 Pre-Show Videos - Plus: On Ride Audio !

Disney fans who were at WDW last week-end had the luck to try the awaited Star Tours 2 and it seems that everyone is pretty enthusiastic about the new version of the ride. Videos were not allowed inside the attraction whether it was in the pre-show or the ride itself but the will of transgression was too strong for some of them and here is some videos that will show you more of the pre-show decor. Just a little bit.

The first video shows the outside and a bit of the pre-show decor inside.

This next and short video provides a closer look to the ST2 Scan Droid that guests will meet in the second part of the queue line.

As this post is mostly about the pre-show decor, i also repost the Orlando Sentinel video showing the Starspeeder room.

As i've said video shooting was not allowed during this preview event but this didn't stopped some to record the audio! So, on this next Youtube video you'll hear the full audio recording of one Star Tours 2 trip, including the moment at the very beginning when a Storm Trooper is stopping the Starspeeder on its way to take of - as they are looking for a spy supposedly inside the vehicle... Note that the interesting part begins at 2.35 minutes.

Videos: copyright PopSong1, TravelingMouse, JerrodDRagonPodcast

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